International Logistics, Preservation, & Distribution of Product to Ensure High Quality Therapeutics

07 Sep 2023
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cryoport systems
World Courier

15:30am Chair Introduction 

Chairperson: Paula Pulsoni, Vice President, Sales and Services, WorldCourier 


15:35am Presentation: Cold Chain Excellence: CMC Strategies for Streamlining Global Logistics of Cryopreserved Cell Therapy Products

  • Challenges and best practices in the international transportation of cellular medicines; 
  • Implementing effective distribution strategies for the global supply of cell therapy products to improve patient access. 

Ben Weil, Director of Manufacturing, INmune Bio   


15:50am Presentation: Looking to the Future: ​The Evolving CGT Supply Chain Paradigm

Robert Jones, Vice President, Global Bioservices, Cryoport 


16:05am Presentation: Paving the Way for Global Cryologistics with the Help of Product and Process Knowledge – Lessons Learned from Two Global Phase 3 Trials.

  • The importance of logistical needs and product data generation during early product and process development, for successful global deployment.  
  • The effect of the cells journey from the manufacturing facility and up to the patient on the product quality and how to create the design space. 
  • The importance of internal and external collaborations for the successful deployment of cryopreserved cell products. 

Lior Raviv, Chief Technology Officer, Pluri  


16:20am Presentation: Addressing Logistical Challenges – How Albumin Can Improve the Storage and Stability of Cells 

  • Protect against loss of live cells numbers and cell viability post-thaw with reduced DSMO conc. 
  • Increase hold time and reduce the number of apoptotic cells post thaw. 
  • Your choice of albumin matters; different albumin sources and formulations 

Philip Morton, Chief Technology Officer, Albumedix


16:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A  

With all session participants  


Paula Pulsoni
Vice President, Sales and Services
World Courier
Ben Weil
Director of Manufacturing
INmune Bio
Robert Jones
Vice President, Global Bioservices
cryoport systems
Lior Raviv
Chief Technology Officer
Philip Morton
Chief Technology Officer