Innovative Technologies as a Driver of European CGT Commercialisation & Successful Market Adoption

07 Sep 2023
Stream 2
World Courier


10:30am Chair Introduction

Chairperson: Frank Thielmann, Head Lean, Global Operational Excellence, Takeda


10:35am Presentation: FiCAT (Find-cut-and-transfer) Innovative Gene Writing Platform for Advanced Therapies.

  • Gene-writing platform and technology development overview at Integra Therapeutics.
  • Gene Therapy program for viral-free systemic deployment
  • Cell engineering using advance gene writing technology

Avencia Sanchez-Mejias, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Integra Therapeutics


10:50am Presentation: How Technologies Successfully Move Advanced Therapies Around the World  

  • Smart, innovative shippers for effective transportation while fulfilling regulatory requirements 
  • Integration in orchestration systems assures full traceability while driving patient safety 
  • Cryostorage technology protects therapies and enables market access 

Paula Pulsoni, Vice President, Sales and Services, WorldCourier


11:05am Presentation: Creating Foundations For “Simple” and Scalable Processing Platforms Virtually: The Alder Story

  • Tech operational challenges of a virtual start-up
  • Risks and mitigation strategies to support process and analytical development for the manufacture of allogeneic therapies from pluripotent stem cells

Ricardo P. Baptista, Chief Technology Officer, Alder Therapeutics AB


11:20am Presentation: Gorilla Adenoviral Vector, GRAd: an Innovative, Versatile Technology for Advanced Therapies and Genetic Vaccines 

  • Technology validation for GRAd vector technology 
  • Manufacturing based on the intensified production process 
  • The versatility of technology for advanced therapies and genetic vaccines 

Angelo Raggioli, Head of Technology Development, ReiThera


11:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Frank Thielmann
Head Lean, Global Operational Excellence
Avencia Sanchez-Mejias
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Integra Therapeutics
Paula Pulsoni
Vice President, Sales and Services
World Courier
Ricardo P. Baptista
Chief Technology Officer
Alder Therapeutics AB
Angelo Raggioli
Head of Technology Development