Innovation Stage Showcases

06 Sep 2023
Innovation Zone Stage
Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands B.V

12:45pm Showcase #1: Mesenchymal Stromal Cells – A Novel Approach to the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Company: ProTrans is an allogeneic, off-the-shelf, umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cell drug product used for the treatment of immune-related disorders including type 1 diabetes. NextCell Pharma’s patented selection algorithm selects the optimal donor cells for the formulation of this immune modulatory drug. ProTrans has been shown in Phase I and II clinical trials for type 1 diabetes to be both safe and efficacious – with a single infusion of cells preserving endogenous insulin production for at least 3 years 

Lindsay Davies, Chief Scientific Officer, NextCell Pharma


12:55pm Showcase #2: Scinus Cell Expansion: Controlling Growth

Company: Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine has the potential to change the way we treat patients and deliver health care. The field has taken flight with the discovery of various potent cell types. While cell therapies are moving towards clinical practise, the production of cells on a reproducible commercial scale poses a major economic and industrial challenge. Cell therapies typically originate in research labs of academic institutions, where cells are cultured manually in small flasks. This culture approach is very labour intensive and the many open process steps require strict (expensive) cleanroom procedures once the translation to actual clinical product has to be made. Consequently, the need for efficient production platforms has been identified by the field. SCINUS Cell Expansion provides an innovative, controlled and cost-effective solution to automate cell culture processes.

Ruud Das, Chief Scientific Officer, Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands B.V 


13:05am Showcase #3: Next Generation TCR-T Cell Therapies Exploiting Novel Solid Tumor Targets 

Company: Pan Cancer T provides solutions to address current limitations of adoptive cell therapy, including novel solid tumor targets covering additional cancer indications and next generation approaches to enhance durability. Our lead program PCT-1 aims to bring promise of TCR-T to patients with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and other cancers  

Rachel Abbott, Chief Scientific Officer, Pan Cancer T


13:15am Showcase #4: Beating Aggressive Cancers with Stem Cell-based Immunotherapy

Company: IPSirius has established a broad patent estate covering the use of pluripotent stem cells, their derivatives and components as the basis for polyvalent universal cancer vaccines.
Our research has identified a broad number of immunogenic antigens, which are found on both cancer stem cells and pluripotent stem cells. This overlap in antigen expression is the basis for our innovative therapy. As pluripotent stem cells can be propagated almost indefinitely in culture, they can be used to produce large quantities under current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) conditions and suitable for clinical use. Furthermore, the initial stem cell populations can be genetically modified to enhance functional properties for a specific therapeutic use. This is the basis of the proprietary procedure of IPSirus to engineer in vitro pluripotent stem cell-based embryonic and progenitor-oriented antigen-expressing cancer vaccines. While developing our first product, IPVAC 1.0, which will target a broad range of cancer types, our research continues to give rise to a pipeline of products which will target cancers originating from specific tissues.

Stephen Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, IPSIRIUS


13:25am Showcase #5: Advancing the Future of Regenerative Medicine: Priming Cells and Tissue Engineering for Effective, Affordable, and Accessible Therapies for Patients, Hospitals, and Payers

  • Innovating for Accessibility and Value Creation: At Bonus Biogroup, we are pioneering the future of regenerative medicine by crafting cutting-edge cell and tissue engineering solutions that are designed not only for efficacy but also for accessibility and affordability. Our value-driven approach is manifested in our relentless pursuit to develop products that comprehensively address the needs of all stakeholders – patients, healthcare providers, and payers, contributing to a more sustainable and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.
  • Excellence in Therapeutic Outcomes: Our relentless focus on research and development is revolutionizing healthcare by professionalizing cells for optimal therapeutic outcomes. This commitment underscores our dedication to enhancing patient health and improving the overall efficiency of global healthcare systems.
  • Clinical Success and Broad Applicability: With a track record of demonstrated clinical successes across diverse products and indications, our proprietary platform technology showcases broad applicability, targeting multi-billion-dollar markets with minimal competition.

Company: Bonus Biogroup (TASE: BONS) is an advanced clinical-stage biotechnology company developing ‘next-generation’ therapies for a variety of indications in the regenerative medicine field. As pioneers in the industry, we leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to establish a unique technological platform, which underpins the development of our leading products, BonoFill and MesenCure.

Tomer Bronshtein, Vice President, Business Development, Bonus Biogroup 


13:35am Showcase #6:

Company: LIfT Biosciences is preclinical biotech developing an innate allogeneic first-in-class neutrophil based cell therapy platform called N-LIfT (Neutrophil based Leukocyte Infusion Therapy). Our mission is to bring affordable curative cell therapies to patients with solid tumours with high unmet medical need. our vision is to develop a new type of adaptable cell therapy with a broad killing mechanism that continues to kill even as the tumour adapts. LIfT has six comprehensive worldwide patents across sourcing, selecting and producing Immunomodulatory Alpha Neutrophils, and covering their product composition. LIfT is the only biotech company in the world with a Neutrophil Based Cell Therapy Platform (N-LIfT). The N-LIfT platform is flexible & unique which enables us to produce different types of Immuno-Modulatory Alpha Neutrophils (IMANs) for a wide range of different purposes.

Alex Blyth,Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LIfT BioSciences


Lindsay Davies
Chief Scientific Officer
NextCell Pharma
Ruud Das
Chief Scientific Officer
Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands B.V
Rachel Abbott
Chief Executive Officer
Pan Cancer T
Stephen Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer
Tomer Bronshtein
Vice President, Business Development
Bonus Biogroup
Alex Blyth
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
LIfT BioSciences