Exploring Alternative Funding Opportnities for Dilution Limitation, Accelerated Commercial Transactions & Value Creation

06 Sep 2023
Stream 4

14:00pm Chair Introduction 

Chairperson: Sven Kili, Principal, Sven Kili Consulting


14:05pm Presentation: Founding a Collaborative Economy for Translational Medicine 

  • The Problem: Cost and risk hinder a sustainable scaling-out of translational medicine to meet the needs of rare genetic disease patients 
  • The Solution: Decentralized Science is an emerging movement to bring greater collaboration to the discovery of, and access to the benefits of, technical innovation  
  • The Application: Found a decentralized economy for sharing the cost and risk required to translate genetic therapies from the lab into the clinic 

Chris Williams, Principal Engineer, DeSci Applied Research


14:20pm Presentation:

Daniella Kranjac, Founder, Dynamk Capital  


14:35 Presentation: Introducing a New Model and Measures to Support Promising Academic Derived Advanced Therapies

  • LifeArc – Assisting the translation of science to impact patients through research, funding and translational advice   
  • Exploration of UK-based non-dilutive sources of funding.   
  • Addressing a funding gap: The LifeArc Gene Therapy Innovation Fund 

Anji Miller, Skills Lead, Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies, Senior Business Manager, lifeArc


14:50pm Closing Panel with Q&A 

With all session participants and joined by:

Ingrid Gafanhão, Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare, Bryan, Garnier & Co.



Sven Kili
Sven Kili Consulting
Chris Williams
Principal Engineer
DeSci Applied Research
Anji Miller
Skills Lead, Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies, Senior Business Manager,
Ingrid Gafanhão
Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare
Bryan, Garnier & Co.