Examining Risk and Innovation in Funding & Partnering

06 Sep 2023
Stream 4

11:00am Chair Introduction 

Chairperson: Ann-Hunter Van Kirk, Senior Equity Research Analyst, Biopharmaceuticals, Bloomberg Intelligence


11:05am Presentation: Venture Capital and Longevity Biotech (LongBio) Revolution: The Apotheosis of Medicine

  • Longevity Biotech (LongBio) and regenerative medicine overview 
  • Gene and cell therapy vs small molecules and biologics 
  • Philosophical challenges to the traditional pharma model of targeting symptoms 
  • The coming medical revolution in longevity biotech

Sebastian Brunemeier, General Partner, Healthspan Capital


11:20am Presentation: What Influences Risk Perception and Investor Decision-Making in CGT?

  • Cell and gene therapies are a new therapeutic class with unique challenges and high capital requirements. Bridging the information gap between innovators and healthcare investors is crucial. 
  • Risk-reward expectations for cell and gene therapies need recalibration. Factors influencing valuation and capital spending should be considered. Broader financial and healthcare markets affect sentiment and access to capital. Geography plays a role in the cell and gene therapy sector. 
  • Always looking for solutions and chasing the “next big thing”: what are we talking about now and what investors want to see in cell and gene therapy.

Ingrid Gafanhão, Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare, Bryan, Garnier & Co.  


11:35pm Presentation: De-risking tomorrow’s oncology innovation to maximise commercial impact:  A new collaborative approach

Ned Wakeman, Director & Founder, Lean Life Science


11:50pm Presentation:

Alex Blyth, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LIfT BioSciences


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A 

With all session participants joined by:

Eric Halioua, President & Chief Executive Officer, PDC Line Pharma

Michael Cunniffe, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors


Ann-Hunter Van Kirk
Senior Equity Research Analyst Biopharmaceuticals
Bloomberg Intelligence
Sebastian Brunemeier
General Partner
Healthspan Capital
Ingrid Gafanhão
Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare
Bryan, Garnier & Co.
Ned Wakeman
Director & Founder
Lean Life Science
Alex Blyth
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
LIfT BioSciences
Eric Halioua
President & Chief Executive Officer
PDC*Line Pharma
Michael Cunniffe
Managing Director
Danforth Advisors