Ensuring the Continued Development and Application of Autologous Therapies Through Long Term Durable Effect & Demonstration of Disease Modification

07 Sep 2023
Stream 3


13:30am Chair Introduction

Chairperson: Tomer Bronshtein, Vice President, Business Development, Bonus Biogroup 


13:35am Presentation: Designing and Delivering Next-Generation TCR T-cell Therapies

  • The development of afami-cel for synovial sarcoma and progress towards BLA 
  • Improving efficacy for other solid tumours with a next-gen TCR product incorporating CD8α 

Jo Brewer, Chief Scientific Officer, Adaptimmune


13:50am Presentation: Cilta-cel: The Story of a Llama-Inspired, Autologous CAR-T Product for Multiple Myeloma

  • Describe the development of Cilta-cel 
  • Review of the safety and efficacy of Cilta-cel for myeloma, including early phase and randomized studies 
  • Discuss the future applications of autologous CAR-T for myeloma 

Jordan Schechter, Vice President, Clinical Development, Cellular Therapy, Janssen


14:05am Presentation: Enhancing efficacy of CAR T-cells against solid tumours by optimising CAR structure. 

  • Efficacy of CAR T-cells against the majority of solid tumours has been underwhelming. 
  • Optimisation of CAR structure from a linear to a lateral conformation significantly enhances T-cell function. 
  • T-cells expressing lateral CARs provide the perfect chassis with which to pair appropriate armouring technologies.

Marc Davies, Vice President of R&D, Leucid Bio


14:20pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants



Tomer Bronshtein
Vice President, Business Development
Bonus Biogroup
Jo Brewer
Chief Scientific Officer
Jordan Schecter
Vice President, Clinical Development Cellular Therapy Program
Marc Davies
Vice President of R&D
Leucid Bio