Critical Patient Considerations: Patient Operations That Ensure Patient Safety Throughout Cell and Gene Therapy Deployment

06 Sep 2023
Stream 3
TITLE21 Health Solutions

16:00pm Chair Introduction

Chairperson: Lynn Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Title21 Health Solutions


16:05pm Presentation: Prioritizing Patient Safety Through Digital Transformation: Elevate Product Quality, Error Reduction, And Operational Efficiency 

  • Product quality is patient safety 
  • Enhancing product quality and reducing human error with operational efficiency 
  • Digitalising manufacturing batch records 
  • Eliminate silos to ensure a truly vein-to-vein operation: getting the right therapy to the right patient, on time 
  • Easing the talent gap bottleneck with digital solutions 
  • Case study: CD45 calculations reduce human error and improve dosing through a locked, digital system 

Lynn Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Title21 Health Solutions


16:20pm Presentation:

George Eastwood, Board Chair, Interim Executive Director, Emily Whitehead Foundation


16:35 Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants joined by

Lynette Okello, Vice President Patient Supply Operations, Achilles Therapeutics

Beth Gardner, Senior Director, Patient Supply, Beam Therapeutics

Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult


Lynn Fischer
Chief Executive Officer
TITLE21 Health Solutions
George Eastwood
Board Chair, Interim Executive Director
Emily Whitehead Foundation
Lynette Okello
Vice President of Patient Supply Operations
Achilles Therapeutics
Beth Gardner
Senior Director, Patient Supply
Beam Therapeutics
Jacqueline Barry
Chief Clinical Officer
CGT Catapult