Defining Automation & Building a Strategic Approach to Adoption at the Earliest Stages

07 Sep 2023
Stream 4
Emerson Automation Solutions

10:30am Chair Introduction

Chairperson: Lior Raviv, Chief Technology Officer, Pluri


10:35am Presentation: Automation in Cell and Gene Therapies – Drivers and Economy of Scale

  • How automation is relevant to up/out-scaling cell and gene therapies in Europe
  • Different automation approaches to cell therapy manufacturing

Laura Herbst, Research Fellow, IPT Fraunhofer


10:50am Presentation: Unlocking Success by Mastering Data Integration and Scaling Up from R&D to Production 

  • The use of integrate, and streamline data from the necessary systems in ATMP’s
  • Moving beyond the manufacturing plant from R&D, manufacturing to patients 
  • How to manage security, compliance and data governance to provide insights to improve decision making, in a scalable manner

Rolf Hemminga, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Life Sciences, Emerson Automation Solutions


11:05am Presentation: Continuous Integrated Bioprocessing for CGT Modalities

  • Recent technologies created for CGT improved processes operating under continuous, up- and downstream, continuous mode. 
  • Improving product quality and raising yields. Thus, reducing costs. 
  • Footprint shrinks, sterile production is substantially easier.

Manuel Carrondo, Full Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, UNL Vice-President, iBET


11:20am Presentation

Jack Reid, Co-Founder, Unicorn Bio


11:35 Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Lior Raviv
Chief Technology Officer
Laura Herbst
M. Sc. Research Fellow
Rolf Hemminga
Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Life Sciences
Emerson Automation Solutions
Manuel Carrondo
Full Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, UNL, Vice President
Jack Reid
Unicorn Biotechnologies