Decentralising Cell Therapies: How Plausible is Point-Of-Care, and How Do We Get There?

06 Sep 2023
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11:00am Chair Introduction 

Chairperson: Stuart Curbishley, Chief Manufacturing & Development Officer, adthera bio


11:05am Presentation: Unleashing the Breakthrough – How to Crack the Cell Therapy Supply Challenge

Dorothea Ledergerber, Chief Technical Officer, Tigen 


11:20am Presentation: Flexibility and adaptive culturing utilizing metabolic-based sensing as the base for point-of-care manufacturing.  

  • Online data-driven adaptive culturing
  • Fixability enabling development, optimization, and GMP. 
  • Simplicity, remote access and control as the basic building blocks of point-of-care manufacturing. 

Ohad Karnieli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ADVA Biotechnology 


11:35am Presentation: Advantages of decentralized manufacturing – How to choose the right system? 

  • Advantages of Decentralized Manufacturing 
  • Exploring Different Cell Manufacturing Systems 
  • Cryopreservation vs. Fresh Products 

Michal Besser, Chief Technology Officer, Davidoff Cancer Center, Rabin Medical Center


11:50pm Closing Panel with Q&A 

With all session participants and joined by:

Miguel Forte, Chief Executive Officer, Kiji Therapeutics President-Elect, ISCT




Stuart Curbishley
Chief Manufacturing & Development Officer
adthera bio
Dorothea Ledergerber
Chief Technical Officer
Tigen Pharma
Ohad Karnieli
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Adva Biotechnology
Michal Besser
Chief Technology Officer, Davidoff Cancer Center
Rabin Medical Center
Miguel Forte
Chief Executive Officer, Kiji Therapeutics, President-Elect