CAR-T & Beyond: Future Cell Based Immunotherapeutic Strategies

07 Sep 2023
Stream 2

15:30am Chair Introduction

Chairperson: Sven Kili, Principal, Sven Kili Consulting


15:35am Presentation: Natural Killer Cell Based Therapies: Lessons Learned

  • Cover autologous and allogeneic clinical trials performed
  • Discuss strategies around NK cell persistence and efficacy
  • Role of donor and patient selection algorithms

Evren Alici, Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Group, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet


15:50am Presentation: From Vision to Reality: Stemmatters’ Role in Supporting Development and Manufacturing of an Innovative Cone Replacement Therapy for Central Vision Loss

Rui A. Sousa, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Stemmatters


16:05am Presentation: A Personal Vaccine Platform Technology for Cancer and Infectious Disease

  • Dendritic cell vaccines are being manufactured as therapeutic anti-cancer vaccines and as anti-viral vaccines using antigens from self-renewing autologous cancer cells, and immunogenic proteins.  
  • Promising data from cancer trials includes safety, induction of immune responses, tumor regressions, and increased progression free and overall survival  
  • Promising data from COVID-19 trials demonstrated fewer and lower-grade adverse events, and superior protection to mRNA vaccine technologies.

Hans S. Keirstead, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, AIVITA Biomedical, Inc.


16:20am Presentation: Okulovision’s Cone Progenitor Cell Therapy for Central Vision Loss 

  • Cone progenitor cells (cpc) are a pure population of cells that only regenerate cones after subretinal injection, and mediate improved visual function in rodent models 
  • Cpc are highly proliferative, facilitating manufacture to clinical scale 
  • Okulovision plans its first clinical trial in patients with cone dystrophies, then advance to patients with macular degeneration.

Marie Csete, Chief Executive Officer, OkuloVision 


16:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A 

With all session participants 



Sven Kili
Sven Kili Consulting
Evren Alici
Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Group, Department of Medicine
Karolinska Institutet
Rui A. Sousa
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Hans S. Keirstead
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
AIVITA Biomedical, Inc.
Marie Csete
Chief Executive Officer