Innovation Stage Showcases
Innovation Stage Showcases

Innovation Stage Showcases

07 Sep 2023
Innovation Zone Stage
Green Elephant Biotech
WhiteLab Genomics

12:15pm Showcase #1: Tackling the challenges of manufacturing adherent cells 

  • Short overview on the current cell therapy trials landscape with focus on adherent cells.
  • Explaining difficulties of industrial scale adherent cell manufacturing
  • Introduce Green Elephant’s Technology and give some outlook on our developments

Company: Green Elephant Biotech was founded in 2021 by Dr. Joel Eichmann and Felix Wollenhaupt. Since then, our team has grown to include diverse team members with expertise in bioprocessing, business development, and marketing. We’re a passionate and diverse team of highly motivated young professionals, driven to build a sustainable future by revolutionizing the biotech and pharma industry. 

Joel Eichmann, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Green Elephant Biotech


12:25pm Showcase #2: Unleash the potential of genomic medicine with Artificial Intelligence

  • Genomic Medicines (GM) show significant promise but need substantial innovation to unlock full potential for patients.
  • How AI can accelerate R&D for cell and gene therapies research and development

Company: Our proprietary platform leverages graph knowledge technology and machine learning to help our customers discover and design new genomic therapies. Based on exhaustive datasets, the platform provides in-silico simulations to discover and design optimized payloads and vectors. 

David Del Bourgo, Chief Executive Officer, WhiteLab Genomics


12:35pm Showcase #3: Immune Secretomes Targeting Age-Acquired Immune Decline

  • Aging reduces the secretion of factors critical for normal immune function, tissue regeneration and overall health.
  • Immunis has developed a novel stem cell-derived secretome (IMMUNA) that restores immune function and tissue regeneration.
  • Immunis is currently conducting an FDA-approved Phase 1/2a human clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of IMMUNA in treating muscle atrophy related to knee osteoarthritis in the elderly.

Company: Immunis is a private biotechnology company researching and developing immune secretome products to address age-driven immune deficits. Immunis has developed a novel method to isolate clinical-grade secreted cellular factors which benefit immune system development, modulation, and health. With age, every person experiences a reduction of these beneficial secreted factors and our technology replenishes them. Our investigational IMMUNA product is all natural, all human, and represents a perfectly balanced set of immune modulators in naturally occurring relevant physiological concentrations. Immunis first clinical trial is a Phase 1/2a study of the safety and tolerability of IMMUNA for elderly individuals who have muscle atrophy associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Hans S. Keirstead, Chairman of the Board, Immunis


12:45am Showcase #4: Vectorized shark antibody for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Highly specific, high affinity shark antibody targeting neurotoxic amyloid-beta oligomers
  • Vectorized antibody approach – single administration to deliver antibody in the brain of AD patients
  • Strong PoC data in relevant AD mouse model

Company: The rapidly growing aging population is inherently linked to an increase in the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. For the majority of these pathologies the only medication available today is to treat symptoms, yet no treatments exist that can either cure, slow-down or halt the disease. Considering the significant impact of neurodegenerative disorders on an individual’s necessity to get support for common daily activities, these patients become highly dependent on extra help from relatives and care-givers. As a consequence, the economic burden related to these diseases is increasing fast and is attainable for not much longer. It is DegenRx’ mission to find and develop cures for neurodegenerative disease in order to stay longer healthier when we get older.

Hans Preusting,Co-Founder, DegenRx B.V


12:55am Showcase #5: Pioneering Next-Generation CAR-T Cell Therapies

  • T-CURX is developing non-viral CAR-T technologies based on sleeping beauty, aiming to enhance CAR-T scalability and enable point-of-care, personalized manufacturing.
  • The company is utilizing proprietary technologies from Prof. M. Hudecek’s research lab and Prof. Rader’s cancer target discoveries, supported by a robust IP portfolio covering 3 core technologies and 4 CAR-T programs.
  • T-CURX’s leadership, led by CEO Ulf Grawunder, is driving the commercialization of their groundbreaking CAR-T technologies and products.

Company: T-CURX is a spin-out from the University Clinics Würzburg, Germany, co-founded by Prof. Michael Hudecek (MD), University Clinics Würzburg, Germany, Prof. Christoph Rader (PhD), University of Florida, U.S., and Dr. Ulf Grawunder (PhD), Switzerland. The founders aim at building a leading European CAR-T cell company. For this ambition, T-CURX is leveraging proprietary technologies and CAR-T product opportunities developed in the laboratory of Prof. M. Hudecek, focussing on novel cancer targets based on Prof. Rader’s research. This cutting-edge research will boost the development of first- and best-in-class CAR-T cell product opportunities for both hematological and solid cancer indications. The commercial translation of T-CURX’ transformative CAR-T technologies and CAR-T cell products is led by T-CURX’ experienced leadership team headed by Ulf Grawunder as CEO. T-CURX’ development is also supported by scientific key opinion leaders and Biotech-industry veterans with proven track records in developing innovative medicines in the fields of immunology and cancer. T-CURX is partner in a number of international consortia and projects, in which personalized, cellular immunotherapies are developed, including the Horizon-2020 EU translational project CARAMBA. This project has translated CS1/SLAM-F7 CAR-T cells into phase 1 clinical trials by utilizing T-CURX’ virus-free, transposon-based CAR-T technology in multiple myeloma.

Bernd Eschgfäller, Independant Board Member,T-CURX



Joel Eichmann
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Green Elephant Biotech
David Del Bourgo
Chief Executive Officer
WhiteLab Genomics
Hans S. Keirstead
Chairman of the Board
Hans Preusting
DegenRx B.V
Bernd Eschgfaeller
Independent Board Member