Revolutionising Supply & Value Chain Automation & Orchestration
Defining Automation & Building a Strategic Approach to Adoption at the Earliest Stages

Revolutionising Supply & Value Chain Automation & Orchestration

07 Sep 2023
Stream 4


13:30am Chair Introduction 

Chairperson: Ben Weil, Director of Manufacturing, INmune Bio


13:35am Presentation: The Value of Automation in CAR T Cell Manufacturing 

  • How can automation reduce the cost of manufacturing? 
  • Automation can reduce operator interventions and batch failure rates. 
  • Product quality and consistency can be improved through automation. 

John Garcia, PhD, Head of New Manufacturing Technologies, UCL


13:50am Presentation: Orchestrate, integrate, innovate. 

  • Different options for orchestration at each phase of development, from first in human through to commercialization. 
  • What to consider when building a robust supply chain network.  
  • What’s next for orchestration in the cell and gene industry? 

Matthew Lakelin, Vice President, Scientific Affairs & Product Development, Co-Founder, TrakCel


14:05am Presentation: Decentralized Manufacturing Orchestration

  • How decentralized manufacturing works 
  • Orchestration in one platform 
  • Opportunities and challenges 

Renato Panza, Digital Strategy Director, Galapagos


14:20am Presentation: The New Wave of Precision Medicine: Value Chain Strategies You Can’t Afford to Not Use

  • Implementing automation in the supply chain in tandem with human expertise necessary for critical decision-making  
  • Bringing orchestration and automation into the pharma supply chain to improve efficiency and increase visibility  
  • Orchestrating the clinical supply chain with consideration for data integration, security, and compliance 

Vesna Stamenkovic, Global Vaccine Strategy Lead, Marken


14:35pm Closing Panel with Q&A 

With all session participants




Ben Weil
Director of Manufacturing
INmune Bio
John Garcia
PhD, Head of New Manufacturing Technologies
Matthew Lakelin
Vice President, Scientific Affairs & Product Development, Co-Founder
Renato Panza
Digital Strategy Director
Vesna Stamenkovic
Global Vaccine Strategy Lead