TrakCel is the first provider of integrated cellular orchestration solutions for the precise management, control and tracking of cell and gene therapy products. With the largest number of live deployments supporting the broadest number of therapy classes in industry, TrakCel has built a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by advanced therapy developers globally. 

OCELLOS by TrakCel is a powerful, integrated cellular orchestration solution for the precise management, control and tracking of advanced therapy supply chains, patient by patient. OCELLOS supports autologous, allogeneic and personalised cancer vaccine therapies at all clinical and commercial stages, whilst brand new OCELLOS Lite has been developed for quick, cost-effective deployment for early-stage clinical therapies. 

The platforms help to establish and safeguard the therapy Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody whilst generating full, reportable, electronic audit trails in real-time. Dashboards and reports unite therapy developers with healthcare providers and supply chain partners, sharing the information needed to guide decisions and creating alerts and notifications to progress the journey.