MyCellHub is a one-stop-shop software platform for process development, data recording and data analytics of GMP operations. From batch recording to cleanroom cleaning, we eliminate all paperwork in the cleanroom to reduce errors, streamline quality compliance and provide data-driven optimization for GMP operations. 
MyCellHub isn’t just about swapping out paper for pixels. It’s about reimagining the biomanufacturing landscape with impulses of innovation, agility, and precision. It’s about connecting the dots of data, decoding the patterns, and using these insights to drive decisions faster. It’s about making life-saving biotherapeutics, like gene and cell therapies, more efficacious, less expensive, and delivered to the patients as fast as possible. 
We’re a team of 18 people. Half of the team has a background in biomanufacturing and life sciences, while the other half are software developers. MyCellHub’s HQ is located in Belgium but we recently opened an office in the US.