Jobst Technologies


Jobst Technologies Biosensors allow for the analysis of complex biological media. The detection of a large number of compounds is of great relevance, not only for scientific research but also for process and quality control. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries greatly desire frequent to continuous analysis of biological media. 

Jobst Technologies GmbH, an IST AG company, produces and develops biosensors designed to measure the concentration of parameters relevant for cell metabolism like glucose, lactate, glutamine, pyruvate and glutamate. The biosensors use the enzymatic-amperometric measurement principle. They are based on immobilized enzymes to detect the target analytes with high specificity and reliability. The biosensor construction enables the tuning of the measuring range, thus meeting the requirements of various applications and customers including CGT / ATM production. 

Our small and robust pre- calibrated biosensors are a key enabler in automated manufacturing equipment, offering analyzer quality metabolic monitoring in bio(pharma)-production.