adthera bio

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adthera is a contract development and manufacturing business focussed exclusively on cell and gene therapy “ATMP” Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. Taking cell therapy ideas and making them into workable medical interventions for patients, in a regulatory compliant and quality managed system, right first time. A hugely experienced team of academic, industry and technology professionals whose purpose is to disrupt this nascent scientific area and bring medicines to patients at the optimal quality, as fast as possible, and more efficiently than before. adthera is at the cutting edge of how this is being done (techniques, regulation, quality, digitisation, process engineering) and a “high tech” business, driven very strongly by their digital/data integration layer. 

adthera’s sentinel process and analytical site and headquarter is in Birmingham, UK where manufacturing is validated before transferring and scaling into their distributed GMP network that will expand into multiple sites in multiple countries.