Tomer Bronshtein

Vice President, Business Development • Bonus Biogroup

Dr. Tomer Bronshtein, VP of Business Development at Bonus Biogroup, boasts over 15 years in R&D, with an intimate understanding of autologous cell therapies and tissue engineering. His knack for amplifying company value through Next Generation Therapies bridges patients, healthcare providers, and strategic partners, further solidified by his adeptness in stakeholder engagement. Previously, Dr. Bronshtein headed Bonus Biogroup’s Research Department and demonstrated leadership at Technion’s Laboratory for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell-Based Technologies, overseeing Tech. Transfer and pioneering a cell-derived drug delivery platform. A post-doc alumnus from Nanyang Technological University, he advanced autologous cell-based cardiac restoration therapies. With many scientific papers, patents, and articles, Dr. Bronshtein’s passion lies in disseminating knowledge. Frequently invited to international conferences, he envisions leveraging science for societal well-being, aspiring for innovations that revolutionize healthcare and impact lives globally.

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