Steven Dublin

Senior Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy, EMEA • Bio-Techne

Steven is a seasoned professional in the field of biotechnology, particularly focusing on cell and gene therapy. His career progression showcases his expertise in product management, marketing, and leadership within the life sciences industry.

Currently, as Senior Manager – Cell & Gene Therapy EMEA at Bio-Techne, Steven holds a strategic role in managing and advancing the company’s initiatives in the emerging field of cell and gene therapy in the EMEA region. His role involves overseeing various aspects of commercial operations, aligning products and services with market needs, and contributing to the growth of this cutting-edge sector.

Previously, as Commercial Product Manager – Cell & Gene Therapy EMEA at Bio-Techne, Steven played a pivotal role in driving product strategies and market positioning within the same field. His work in this capacity demonstrated his ability to navigate dynamic market landscapes and collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives.

Steven’s tenure as Head of Product Management & Marketing, iPS Cell Models / Services at Ncardia underscored his skills in both product management and marketing. Here, he managed product offerings related to induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS cell) models and services, showcasing his ability to oversee diverse portfolios and effectively communicate their value to customers.

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