Stephen Sullivan

Chief Operating Officer • iPSirius

Dr Stephen Sullivan, PhD, MBA, FRSM, is a renowned expert in the development and manufacture of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs) with a specific focus on induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) therapeutics. As the Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at iPSirius, a leading immunotherapy company specializing in comprehensive cancer treatments using iPSCs, Dr Sullivan plays a crucial role in advancing their patented technology and groundbreaking therapeutic cancer immunotherapy, IPVAC 1.0. This innovative treatment leverages the antigenic overlap between iPSCs and cancer stem cells (CSCs) to combat cancer relapse, metastasis, and resistance through immune response training. The preclinical studies of IPVAC 1.0 have shown promising results, including tumour size reduction, modulation of the tumour microenvironment, and induction of long-term memory immunity. 

Dr Sullivan earned his PhD in Regenerative Medicine from the University of Edinburgh, focusing on nuclear reprogramming in mammalian ES cells. He also holds an MBA degree from Trinity College Dublin, providing him with strategic management expertise. In addition to his roles at iPSirius and ISCT, Dr Sullivan founded Lindville Bio, a reputable consultancy specializing in iPSC manufacturing and ATMP development. He actively participates in international initiatives and organizations, including the ISCBI and JSRM-ISCT iPSC Scientific Committee, contributing to the advancement of iPSC-based therapies. Dr Sullivan’s expertise and contributions continue to drive progress in regenerative medicine and iPSC-based therapies for the benefit of patients worldwide. 

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