Sofia Venceslau

Senior Project Manager • ReciBioPharm

Dr. Sofia Venceslau is passioned about biochemistry and microbial organisms, with strong experience in USP and DSP of microbial systems and with over 20 publications in the field. Sofia joined GenIbet Biopharmeuticals, now ReciBioPharm, in 2019 where she is involved in an end-to-end solution to clients starting on business development, monitoring process development activities, responsible for the process technology transfer, scaling up and implementation of good manufacturing practices, assisting the success of the client´s project from the bench to clinical trials (phase 1 to 3). The portfolio includes manufacturing processes of different areas (protein vaccines, virus oncolytic vaccines, mRNA, DNA, live microbial products, etc) using different systems (bacteria, yeast, mammalian and insect cells, or in vitro systems).

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