Jo Brewer

Chief Scientific Officer • Adaptimmune

Dr Jo Brewer has served as Chief Scientific Officer of Adaptimmune since May 4, 2022, and is a member of the Executive Team. Most recently, Dr Brewer served as Senior Vice President, Allogeneic Research at Adaptimmune since December 2019. In this role, she built the Allogeneic Research organization from the ground up and took the concept of iPSC-derived allogeneic T-cell therapies from an idea into the potential for an allogeneic candidate in the clinic. Prior to her SVP role, Dr Brewer held a series of senior managerial roles within Adaptimmune’s research organization. Her experience in immunotherapy and cell therapy at Adaptimmune and its predecessor companies spans more than 20 years and includes roles across the breadth of discovery. Before focusing solely on the allogeneic platform, Dr Brewer was one of the founding scientists at Adaptimmune who built multiple research teams working on the development of SPEAR T-cell therapies including NY-ESO (transitioned to GSK in 2018), ADP-A2M4 and ADP-A2AFP, as well as early next-generation approaches including the ADPA2M4CD8 construct. Prior to joining Adaptimmune in 2009, Dr Brewer held positions at Avidex, Medigene and Immunocore. She holds a master’s degree in Natural Sciences, and a PhD in cellular signalling, both from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

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