Jenny Prange

CSO and Co-Founder • Muvon Therapeutics

As co-founder and CSO of MUVON therapeutics AG, Jenny leads the GMP team for the clinical trial cell productions and is coordinating all research activities aiming towards the improvement of cell production and the therapy in general. Jenny obtained her PhD in Integrative Molecular Medicine from the University of Zurich and gained broad research experience already during her Bachelor’s studies in Germany, her Master’s studies in France, her final research work at Novartis in the US and her doctoral studies in Switzerland. She joined the former Horizon 2020 project MUSIC more than 5 years ago where she set the foundation for the clean room work and performed the phase I clinical trial productions of the cell therapy. Later in 2020, Jenny co-founded MUVON Therapeutics while the clinical phase I was about to finish and is now, in 2022 tightly involved in the consecutive phase II trial.

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