Owen Smith

Partner • 4Bio

Owen is a Partner at 4BIO Capital, an international venture capital firm focused solely on the advanced therapies sector. Since joining 4BIO Capital in 2018, Owen has been instrumental in supporting the fund in seeding companies as well as finding and growing potentially transformative innovations. Owen began his investment career at life science venture capital firms Arthurian Life Sciences and Arix Bioscience plc, giving him significant experience working with early-stage biotechnology companies. Owen holds an MSc in Experimental and Translational Therapeutics from the University of Oxford and is also qualified as an accountant, having spent several years working in assurance and advisory roles at Grant Thornton with public and private clients.

Owen is currently a Board Director at 4BIO portfolio companies SparingVision and Locki Therapeutics, and is actively involved in several other investments. He previously acted as an Observer on the boards of LogicBio and Depixus while at Arix.

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