Giovanni Lorenzon

Bioprocess Specialist • Eppendorf

Giovanni Lorenzon is a Bioprocess Sales Specialist with Eppendorf and he’s based in London, UK. He is a young professional passionate about all things bioprocess, working to help British companies and research institutions to develop processes in fields such as mAbs & recombinant proteins production, cell & gene therapy, artificial food production, vaccine manufacture, etc.

Giovanni’s expertise is a combination of process engineering, biology and coding, developed across a number of roles. He obtained BSc’s and MSc’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova, completing his studies with a master project on circular economy and biomass reuse through anaerobic fermentation at the Complutense University of Madrid.

After that, he obtained a Research Fellowship at the same institute during which he was responsible for coordinating a group of scientists from a diverse background to optimise an innovative pasteurisation/drying technique based on supercritical CO2. Subsequently, he joined Bio Nano Consulting in London, a small start-up working in the field of biosensors, where he successfully delivered two marketable sensors for arsenic and asparagin. He then decided to broaden his knowledge of bioprocess, undertaking a second MSc’s in Molecular Biology and Bioprocess Engineering at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, where he successfully developed an innovative measurement technique based on PTR-MS headspace analysis. Subsequently he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at UCB in Slough, where he consolidated his bioprocess upstream development expertise, working on coordinating experimental campaigns for the optimisation of microbial and cell based mAbs & fAbs production. Finally he joined Eppendorf where he is currently helping bioprocess scientists to streamline their process pipelines thanks to Eppendorf’s small, bench, and pilot scale bioreactors.

Giovanni is Italian and apart from his native language is fluent in English and Spanish.

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