Chris Williams

Principal Engineer • DeSci Applied Research

Chris is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the life sciences industry, particularly in roles focused on bioprocess development and gene therapies. With a track record spanning over a decade, Chris has consistently demonstrated strategic and technical prowess in various organizations.

At Roche, Chris has held influential roles, making significant contributions to the advancement of in vivo gene therapies. As a Principal Engineer, he has been responsible for strategic and technical development of an AAV platform for gene therapies. His accomplishments include designing and commissioning a new development center for AAV vector production, leading innovative operations for downstream processing, and driving initiatives to reduce the cost of gene therapies while expanding access for rare disease patients.

Chris’s experience also includes roles at Genentech, where he showcased his expertise in purification development. As an Engineer and later a Senior Engineer, he led the development and manufacturing of antibody purification processes, played a pivotal role in Phase III clinical campaigns, conducted technology transfers, and implemented analytical techniques for process optimization.

His comprehensive skill set, spanning technical development, team leadership, technology transfer, and analytical characterization, has enabled him to make substantial contributions to the life sciences field. Chris’s dedication to innovation and his impact on product development and purification processes underscore his significance as a leader in the industry.

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