Beth Gardner

Senior Director, Patient Supply • Beam Therapeutics

Beth Gardner is Senior Director, Patient Supply at Beam Therapeutics (apheresis operations, autologous patient operations, and allogeneic clinical supplies). She brings over 25 years of global pharma/biotech experience. Her passion for helping people with medical needs began when she herself was diagnosed with a chronic disease as a child. Now a bionic woman with technology to dose medication, she brings her passion and compassion for patients to Beam. Before Beam, Beth was at bluebird bio, supporting the development and commercialization of SkysonaTM and ZyntegloTM cell and gene therapies.

Her personal goal is complex and cannot be done alone:  provide cell & gene therapies to patients with unmet medical needs. Beyond Beam, Beth is energized by the impact she and her peers are making to create new industry standards: Apheresis Label for Further Manufacturing standards (ISBT-128 ST-018), Chain of Identity standards (ISBT-128 ST-028) and is a standing member of ICCBBA’s Cellular Therapy Coding and Labeling Advisory Group (CTCLAG).

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