Ben Weil

Director of Manufacturing  • INmune Bio

Ben is a highly accomplished Bioprocess Engineer who possesses a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from UCL and is currently pursuing an MBA in Business Management & Leadership from the Open University. He holds multiple prominent positions in his field. As the Director of Manufacturing at INmune Bio, he leads a multidisciplinary translational GMP bioprocessing team that specializes in designing and manufacturing Advanced Therapies for oncology and immunotherapy medicines across the UK, US, and Europe. Ben also serves as the Head of GMP Engineering and a Senior Manager at the Centre for Cell, Gene and Tissue Therapeutics (CCGTT), where he played a pivotal role in establishing the GMP Engineering group at the Royal Free Hospital. His focus in this role is on driving the development of cost-effective provision of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). Additionally, Ben contributes to UCL as an Honorary Lecturer, providing valuable support in the areas of clinical trial design and manufacture. Furthermore, he is the Director of WEIL CONSULTING Ltd, a consultancy firm that he founded to offer expert advice and support, particularly in accelerating the translation of Process Development through early clinical trials.

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