Anji Miller

Skills Lead, Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies, Senior Business Manager, • LifeArc

Anji Miller holds the position of Senior Business Manager within the Tech Transfer team. In this role, she assumes leadership responsibilities for LifeArc’s support in academic-led gene therapy innovation. Anji serves as the overall lead for LifeArc in the Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies, the LifeArc Gene Therapy Innovation Fund, and the advancement of gene therapy skills within these hubs. Additionally, she is entrusted with management responsibilities for specific projects under LifeArc’s Philanthropic Fund.

With extensive experience in the field of tech transfer, Anji takes charge of both the AUTM and LifeArc Fellowship programs. Her expertise has led to her appointment as a Board Director of AUTM and ASTP, as well as a member of the BioIndustry Association Cell & Gene Therapy Advisory Committee. Demonstrating her commitment to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in STEM fields, Anji directs all technology transfer skills activities and translational STEM outreach programs. Moreover, she actively participates in LifeArc’s policy engagement initiatives.

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