As part of the agenda we were pleased to offer a selection of roundtables for attendees to participate in.

These all took place on 1st September 2022 at 9am, and were as follows:

Roundtable 1: Operational Excellence Within Manufacturing

Moderated by: Frank Thielmann, Head Lean, Global Operational Excellence, Takeda

Roundtable 2: The Importance of Brand Strategy & Development In Your Commercialisation Journey

Moderated by: Steve Bloodworth, Head of Commercial Partnering & Martech Deployment, AstraZeneca

Roundtable 3: Raw & Starting Materials for ATMPs: Ensuring Quality, Reliability & Speed

Moderated by: Alexandre Reeber, CEO, Core Biogenesis & Daniel Cermeno, Product Manager, Core Biogenesis

Roundtable 4: Creating A Sustainable Cell & Gene Therapy Company

Moderated by: Joel Eichmann, Co-Founder, Green Elephant Biotech

Roundtable 5:  Obtaining Flexibility and Control Within Bioreactor Systems: Barriers to move from 2D to stirred 3D systems

Moderated by: Giovanni Lorenzon, Bioprocess Specialist, Eppendorf

Roundtable 6: Patient Engagement During Clinical Development Keeping The ‘Customer’ In Mind

Moderated by: Kai Pinkernell, Chief Medical Officer, Glycostem


Following the roundtables there was a Feedback Loop to hear the key takeaways from each of the moderators.


“I’m really excited to be hosting a round table at Phacilitate’s Advanced Therapies Europe 2022, not only to share my experiences but also to learn from a really diverse group of experts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share practical advice on how technology, data, and most importantly of all, a customer centric culture, can be leveraged to build new brands and raise patient awareness of therapies that could transform their quality of life.”

Steve Bloodworth, Head of Commercial Partnering & MarTech Deployment, Astra Zeneca


“We are looking forward to meeting professionals working in the exciting field of stem cell bioprocessing and advanced therapies to exchange knowledge, innovations, and expertise at our roundtable. Looking forward to meeting you at Phacilitate’s Advanced Therapies Europe 2022.”

Giovanni Lorenzon, Bioprocess Specialist, Eppendorf Group