Science and Innovation Zone

Are You Ready for the Future of Tech?

In our Innovation Zone you will see the latest technology advancements which will inspire you to re-think your commercialisation strategy. Immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere of creativity and progress, where you can witness quick fire presentations in our showfloor theatre. Discover the most exciting innovations in just 10 minutes, as industry-leading vendors and biotechnology companies take the stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the technology revolution!

Engage With Those Shaping the Technology of Tomorrow

The Innovation Zone is the ideal destination to connect with those who are at the forefront of technological advancements, presenting their groundbreaking products and services. Explore a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions and discover how they can shape the future of various industries. Our lineup of speakers includes both vendors and industry experts, offering insights and expertise during their 10-minute presentations. Join us to engage with the brightest minds and foster valuable connections in the world of technology.

Quick Fire Presentations: Uncover the Latest Innovation

In the heart of the Innovation Zone lies our state-of-the-art showfloor theatre, hosting a series of captivating quick fire presentations. Witness the latest innovation from biotech and technology in action as speakers take the stage to deliver dynamic 8 minute presentations. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of knowledge as each speaker showcases their groundbreaking ideas, products, and research. With an additional 2 minutes allocated for questions, seize the opportunity to engage with the speakers directly and deepen your understanding.

Exhibiting Companies Include:

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